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Painting "Feeling for a Woman" | 15x20 cm

Painting "Feeling for a Woman" | 15x20 cm

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What will you find in the box ..

Laser engraved wooden panel
Scandinavian moss
High quality glue
Spatula for spreading the glue
Example visualization
Wall hanger

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Bring grace, gentleness, confidence and peace and warmth into the confines of your home with Scandinavian moss painting - "Feeling for a Woman". The graphic representation of the female silhouette embodies the main signs of self-confidence, influence, warmth, empathy and wholeness.

The picture personifies the delightful and unique female beauty and the many transformations and qualities of the modern woman. The owner of the picture should possess the tenderness, passion, unwavering strength and warmth of the female soul.

It is precisely because of this symbolism that "Feeling for a Woman" is extremely suitable as a gift for the beloved woman, mother, friend or significant other.

Why Scandinavian moss painting - " Feeling for a Woman "?

Our "Feeling for a Woman" moss painting is a special gift and real fun for the whole family.

The picture has the possibility of interpretation in different colors, which is a prerequisite for combination with the color range of any interior.

The dyes used to color the natural Scandinavian moss are of completely natural, vegetable origin.

After the pre-treatment of the moss, it retains the necessary properties for a spectacular and time-resistant decoration for the home.

No additional activities are required to maintain the picture in its original form. Scandinavian moss does not retain dust and removes excess moisture from the air.

More about the materials in the box?

Materials, part of the Mossaika box, are of high quality and natural origin. They are considered to be durable over time with quality and refined workmanship.

The wooden base is constructed from residual recycled materials impregnated with specialized products.

The graphic image is laser engraved and stands out with clean lines and high quality.

We know that you are also not indifferent to the spectacular Scandinavian moss - the crown of Mossaika 's unique designs. 100% natural and collected by our farm partners in Norway.

The paintings that you will find on the MOSSaika website are prepared based on the interests of our customers and partners. If you have an idea for a picture to include on the site, you can write to us at .

Give an indescribable emotional charge, fun and an eternal accent in the decoration of the interior of the home or office!