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Painting "Symmetry" | 15x20 cm

Painting "Symmetry" | 15x20 cm

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What will you find in the box ..

Laser engraved wooden panel
Scandinavian moss
High quality glue
Spatula for spreading the glue
Example visualization
Wall hanger
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Get a unique and spectacular decoration for your home or office with Scandinavian moss painting - "Symmetry". Your work of art will catch the eye of all your guests or colleagues, due to the amazing combination of 100% natural materials and the fact that it was made by yourself!

Tap into this creative challenge and give yourself or a loved one fun, emotion and an evergreen accent for interior decoration.

The "Symmetry" painting design is suitable for creative individuals with a strong individuality and an interest in modern clean design. It is completely geometric and allows the moss to be positioned in different areas, at the choice of its owner.

Take advantage of the opportunity to give a fun experience that will last forever and remain an incredible memory!

Why Scandinavian moss painting - " Symmetry "?

Our painting - "Symmetry" is your step towards integrating biophilic design into the confines of the modern home or office. Through this work of art, you will use completely natural materials that will bring you and those around you the peace and harmony you are looking for.

In essence, the design is a geometric transformation that embodies the symbiosis between scale and reflection. Clean graphic elements are a great addition to any interior style.

Scandinavian moss is all natural, embalmed and dyed using natural, natural dyes. It has the ability to absorb excess moisture and repel lingering dust. To the surprise of people who touch this material, Scandinavian moss does not need intensive maintenance and lateral intervention.

More about the materials in the box?

All the materials needed to make the painting are sustainable and eco-friendly, and the wood used on the base is from processed residual material with quality and refined craftsmanship.

The wood panel used to make the base of the picture is from high-quality leftover hardwood, laser-engraved.

In order to neutralize the impact on the environment as much as possible, all materials for the packaging of the picture are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

We know that you are also not indifferent to the spectacular Scandinavian moss - the crown of Mossaika 's unique designs. 100% natural and collected by our farm partners in Norway.

The paintings that you will find on the MOSSaika website are prepared based on the interests of our customers and partners. If you have an idea for a picture to include on the site, you can write to us at .