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Painting "Journey" | 25x30 cm

Painting "Journey" | 25x30 cm

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What will you find in the box ..

Laser engraved wooden panel
Scandinavian moss
High quality glue
Spatula for spreading the glue
Example visualization
Wall hanger
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Are you ready for an adventure with  Scandinavian moss painting - "Journey"? Planet Earth, the third planet in the solar system, is the only one currently believed to have life on it. By owning this design, you will have the opportunity to bring all this into a modern and unique evergreen decoration for the home and office.

For all lovers of exploring new locations and cultures. This picture is suitable for any adventurer and dreamer. The embodiment of an adventurous spirit, the pursuit of pleasure, rest and interest in the new and the unknown in all its forms.

DIY - the Mossaika box is very suitable as a gift for many occasions and will arouse interest and curiosity in everyone. The picture of Scandinavian moss will bring positive emotions, creating a unique work of art.

Give fun to young and old with a unique and universal gift!

Why Scandinavian moss painting - “ Journey ”?

Our painting - "Journey" is an incredible opportunity to express your individuality and creativity, creating your own work of art that will decorate your home or office.

Scandinavian moss, which is the main character in the Mossaika box, is extremely easy and comfortable to maintain. In fact, it has the amazing properties of absorbing excess moisture in the room while impressing everyone with its spectacular design.

The painting "Journey" is suitable for the most creative lovers of modern art. It contains all the necessary materials to color and paste Planet Earth.

More about the materials in the box?

All the materials needed to make the painting are sustainable and eco-friendly, and the wood used on the base is from processed residual material with quality and refined craftsmanship.

In order to neutralize the impact on the environment as much as possible, all materials for the packaging of the picture are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

We know that you are also not indifferent to the spectacular Scandinavian moss - the crown of Mossaika 's unique designs. 100% natural and collected by our farm partners in Norway.

The paintings that you will find on the MOSSaika website are prepared based on the interests of our customers and partners. If you have an idea for a picture to include on the site, you can write to us at .