Growing Scandinavian moss

How to keep it fresh for a long time

Scandinavian moss is increasingly entering our daily lives and it is normal to ask what is the correct method of growing Scandinavian moss so that we can enjoy it for a long time. More and more often we see reworked Scandinavian moss as part of the interior of homes and offices. This type of Scandinavian moss is pre-treated to be as durable as possible, virtually eternal. He needs no cultivation because he is not alive. On the other hand, if we want to enjoy living Scandinavian moss in the garden, we are most likely interested in matters related to moss cultivation. We will answer exactly them in this article.

Mosses are not your ordinary houseplants. Here's what you need to know about providing a little personalized plant care and proper maintenance.

scandinavian moss

Having a moss garden or terrarium is an easy way to bring a bit of wildlife into your home . The key to properly growing Nordic moss to grace your garden and home is to make sure you give it the right care. Here we give you some foolproof tips and tricks to keep your moss in tip top shape.

Growing Scandinavian moss - suitable soil

Growing Nordic moss properly begins with choosing the right soil for it. While many plants prefer their soil to be super light and fluffy, mosses have the opposite preference. They like their soil to be dense and firm. You will also want to take acidity into consideration as the plant thrives best in an acidic environment. There are cases in nature where moss grows directly on limestone, which indicates that the plant feels good with alkaline bases. But in the more common case, it's safe to assume that your moss will grow better in soil with a lower pH level (usually between 5.0 and 6.0). If you are unsure of the acidity of your soil, you can purchase an easy-to-use pH test. So we can summarize that the proper cultivation of Scandinavian moss involves the selection of acidic and hard soil.

Scandinavian moss - watering

Another important aspect of growing Nordic moss properly is watering. Mosses are fans of moist environments, so it's important to make sure the soil is consistently moist for your plant. However, that doesn't mean you can't overwater moss. You will need to be careful not to create a puddle or swamp while watering. If you overwater, you should try to pour off the excess water whenever possible. This is especially important if you are growing moss in a terrarium where, unlike regular potted houseplants, excess water will not be able to evaporate or drain away. To keep your moss healthy, simply spray the plant regularly and water it more about twice a week. And don't forget to use filtered water. Tap water can contain too much chlorine and turn your moss brown.

scandinavian moss

Growing Scandinavian Moss - Enough Light

Most mosses are known to thrive and do well in shady areas. This makes sense since these are the areas that are usually the wettest in the desert. However, there are several varieties of Nordic mosses that prefer a little more access to sunlight than usual. Therefore, deciding where to place your plant is all about understanding the conditions in which your moss thrives in nature. Of course, if you yourself found the moss in nature and you can think about the place where you found it. This will tell you what the ideal conditions are for it. No matter how you got your moss, however, you can see what it likes best by looking for additional information on the specific variety. Note that even mosses that prefer shade in nature can also do well with access to sunlight.

Scandinavian moss - pruning

Something that mosses share as a characteristic with any other plant is that it is perfectly normal for parts of the plant to be healthy while others begin to molt. If that's the case, it might be time to prune. If parts of the plant get too long, cut them back a bit to encourage fuller regrowth. When you're dealing with a larger area of ​​moss that isn't growing very well, it's possible to completely replace that area by simply removing it and placing a newly created piece of moss in the empty space.

Scandinavian moss - fight against mold

If your mosses are growing in a terrarium, chances are you'll have to deal with mold at some point. If this happens and you start to see white, cotton-like spots on the surface of your plant, try to wipe the mold off gently and then let the water evaporate from the terrarium. This will help prevent further mold growth. However, if you try to remove the mold and find that it does not come off, it is advisable to carefully remove the parts of the moldy moss to prevent it from spreading. You can then make up for the lost moss by simply replacing the missing pieces with fresh new moss.

And if that seems like too much work, you might as well buy something a little...
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