An original gift for Valentine's Day - let's create the perfect surprise

February 14 may still be a long time away, but it's not a bad idea to start looking for an original Valentine's Day gift early. Otherwise, we risk repeating the bad scenario of past years, when we waited until the last moment and, due to lack of ideas and time, resorted to something clichéd.

Since the treat-filled holiday will be creeping up, it's obviously better to already prepare an original Valentine's Day gift that doesn't fall into the category of "a stuffed toy and a rose that was obviously bought from the nearby supermarket".

Need a little more nudge to start looking for the gift early? There you have it - it will be much easier to avoid all those outdated and unoriginal trinkets on the market and choose something unique as your relationship.

With that in mind, we've put together some cute original Valentine's Day gift ideas to help you out. Think of all the must-have accessories for Netflix and Chill dinners, greeting cards that are unique and even some alternatives to a rose bouquet that will stand out among the traditional holiday surprises. In this article together we will try to think outside the box… with a picture of the loved one, yes, this gift has already worn out!

An original gift for Valentine's Day - monstera in a pot

Yes, that's right, we're talking about a potted plant. A living one that you and your partner will have to nurture together going forward. Maybe it will bring you closer, who knows?

Well, it's not like raising a child, but it's a good start. In addition, monstera in a pot is a great alternative to a huge bouquet of roses. The second one may look cool in the photos she will want to upload to social networks, but it is by no means surprising.

A much more original Valentine's Day gift would be the exotic monstera. Do not think that the choice of plant is random. The exotic monstera is said to bring happiness and luck to the one who raises it with love, attention and care.

I.e. it's a plant that not only looks great and very exotic and reminds you of the flora in all those exotic destinations you'll visit together one day, but it's also a plant that brings positive energy and good karma into your home.

An original gift for Valentine's Day - a cutting board, a music record

Did you know that you can buy a cutting board that is shaped and looks like a music record. Namely, you didn't know about their existence, that's why and this is more than a surprising and original gift for Valentine's Day!

These cutting boards don't just resemble music records, they look exactly the same. Make sure you only keep it in the kitchen, otherwise you run the risk of mistaking it for a real record and damaging the turntable.

Where is the romance in this gift? You can have such a board made for you with a record design of your significant other's favorite artist. Or with your wedding song, or a song that is "yours". This is not just an original gift for Valentine's Day, but the perfect gift for music lovers.

An original gift for Valentine's Day - a star

If you have promised her that you will take down all the stars for her, now is the time to show that you are a man of your word! Give her a star! No, not in that clichéd sense, but more unique and original - give her a real star.

It's much easier than you think. Nowadays, several companies offer the option of naming a star or constellation visible to scientists here on Earth after your significant other. After paying for the service, your partner will receive an official certificate confirming that they share the same name with a distant star.

And if that's not romance... giving a star is a really great and very original Valentine's Day gift for any dreamer who likes to watch the velvet sky at night and dream.

An original gift for Valentine's Day - a holiday

We think we can all agree that we all need rest and enjoyable experiences. Then it's time to give just that to your partner. If your budget allows it, choose something unusual.

Taking her/him to a hotel, spa treatments, or a short trip across the country is a great idea, but it's pretty common, so it doesn't fall into the "original" category. You can add an original twist by choosing a unique adventure or place to stay. Just open some of the international sites that offer places to stay around the world and the inspiration will just hit you.

A hotel room in a cliff, a luxurious tree house, a transparent igloo in a snowy forest… the options are truly endless and we can guarantee that this will be the best gift your significant other has ever received.

An original gift for Valentine's Day - personalized underwear

Remind your partner who their true "owner" is by gifting them a pair of fun and quite original boxers with a design featuring your image.

It's now possible to order your photo printed on men's underwear, so what better occasion to take advantage of this unconventional service than Valentine's Day?

True and strong love doesn't need material displays, but we all enjoy well-thought-out and fun gifts, don't we?

This February 14th, you can not only make your significant other happy, but leave her open-mouthed and wide-eyed at the sight of one of these truly original and unusual gifts.

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