Gluing Scandinavian moss - what I need to know

We can enjoy a unique masterpiece in the interior of the home for a long time, as long as we know the right methods for gluing Scandinavian moss. Scandinavian moss decorations are a beautiful combination of a living plant and an artistic masterpiece.

Gluing Scandinavian moss

If you've caught on to the trend of Nordic moss walls, paintings, and panels and are ready to add this type of art to your home's interior, you need to know the right way to hang Nordic moss. This is in case you don't buy a ready-made work , but decide to unleash your creativity and imagination and create something of your own and unique. Of course, this is the recommended option, because you will not only create a beautiful decoration from Scandinavian moss with your own hands, but also put your artistic side into action.

In this article, let's share a little more about what are the correct methods for mounting and gluing Scandinavian moss and any decorations with it. But first, we'll let you in on a little secret. Not every moss wall or painting is alive…

Gluing Scandinavian Moss - choose the type of moss

That's right! Many of the gorgeous moss walls and paintings you've seen on Pinterest, Instagram, or live aren't actually alive. And there's a very good reason for that.

Live moss requires watering and constant moisture, which can damage the walls on which it is placed. So unless you're working with an architect or engineer on such a project, we suggest you:

  • Hang a wall or other type of live moss art outdoors only
  • For the interior, use processed Scandinavian moss

Treated Scandinavian moss walls, paintings, panels and decorations are the easiest to create and maintain. Unlike live moss, which requires nurturing like any other plant, cultivated Nordic moss has no such needs. It is treated with a special type of preservatives that preserves its fresh appearance, but does not really require any watering, planting, or cultivation.

Creating a living moss wall or painting is a matter of gardening skills and caring for a living plant. When it comes to Nordic moss art, however, all you need to know are the methods for properly mounting and gluing Nordic moss.

Create a frame

Once you've decided on the type of wall or moss picture you're going to create, it's time to choose a suitable frame. For Scandinavian moss walls and pictures, you can attach plywood to the back of any frame of your choice. For a living wall, it is best to get a soilless garden wall kit. And for a mixed wall of live and treated moss, you should choose a plywood base, assuming you're adding some live plants to the moss wall. Once you have chosen these two main components - the type of moss and the type of frame - you can proceed to the installation and gluing of Scandinavian moss.

Sticking Scandinavian Moss - Select the plants

Depending on the type of wall or painting you're aiming to create – live, processed moss, or mixed – you can add different plants and accessories to your piece to give it a truly unique touch.

Now it's time to choose your plants! Go to your local craft or gardening store for the following:

For treated moss:
  • Moss of the species Dicranum scoparium
  • Leaf moss
  • Deer moss

Dry accessories:
  • Pieces of wood or dried bark
  • Florist's sponge
  • Dry twigs
  • Dried pods

Live plants for decoration:
  • Air plants
  • Ceropegia
  • Devil's ivy
  • Bromeliad

Live moss (outdoors only):
  • Prairie sphagnum
  • Common smooth-cap moss
  • Moss of the species Dicranum scoparium
  • Moss of the species Leucobryum

If you are creating moss art for outdoor spaces, there are dozens of types of living moss. Choose the right one based on whether it needs more sunlight or thrives in shade.


Time for the fun part! Get out the glues, it's time to glue some Scandinavian moss. When working with worked moss, creating a moss wall or painting couldn't be a simpler and easier process. First, use a staple gun or wood glue to attach the plywood base to your chosen frame. Then be creative and imagine how you want to arrange the elements of your future masterpiece. Create your own piece of abstract art by combining different elements, textures and colors together, or simply use processed moss in different colors. Use a silicone glue gun to attach the treated Scandinavian moss to the plywood base.

If you want to add live plants to your moss wall or painting, then you will need to create a pocket of leaf moss. Simply glue the bottom and sides of a square of sheet moss and leave the top open. Then you can put air plants and bromeliads in there. It is important to be able to remove them easily so that you can water them periodically without damaging the wall.


Treated moss walls and paintings are so easy to maintain. In fact, you don't have to do anything for them! Because the moss is dry and treated with preservatives, you don't need to water it at all. To keep your artwork looking beautiful, add new pieces of moss if any of them fall off or start to lose their shine. Adding new Scandinavian moss happens in the same way as already described - just stick it on with hot silicone glue.

Gluing Scandinavian moss

A little glue and a lot of creativity and imagination are all you need to create unique and unique Scandinavian moss walls and paintings with your own hands.

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